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Clean Air Solutions:

Environmental Clean Air Company provides clean air solutions for a wide variety of indoor air quality problems. Welding smoke, oil mist, grinding dust, fume, odor control and cigarette smoke are a sampling of the respirable airborne contaminants we address.

We offer a wide selection of dust collectors, mist collectors, welding booths, work containment booths, cyclones, electrostatic filters, air cleaning and filtration equipment to meet the demands of today's Industry.

Our Business Profile page will inform you on our capabilities and our unique approach to providing Clean Air for today's Industry.

Improved Working Conditions:

Environmental Clean Air Company designs air filtration systems to eliminate respirable airborne contaminants from the work environment. Respirable airborne contamination in the workplace can lead to poor employee performance, higher absenteeism and increased operating overhead. In addition, having poor indoor air quality in any work environment increases maintenance and health costs.

This site provides information on oil mist, welding smoke, dust collection, industrial vacuums, downdraft tables, air cleaners and work containment booths. If you are grinding, cutting, buffing or sanding, visit our Dust Collector page. For those of you that use a coolant (water or petroleum based) to grind, cut, finish or shape metals you will find some useful information and application photos at our Mist Collector page.

Other pages of interest might be our Downdraft Tables page where you can select a specific table or bench to meet any work station requirement or find some Welding Smoke solutions where we discuss several proven processes. The Industrial Vacuum page will highlight a few of the hardest working Norclean vacuum systems available, both air and electric operated vacuum heads. Norclean vacuums offer a wide range of configurations to meet any vacuum need. Norclean vacuums are widely used in nuclear power plants where their performance and reliability are required

If a Designated smoking area is required or you need to clean the air in the general office areas, break rooms, conference centers or customer waiting lounges visit our Air Cleaner page. Here you will find several types of air cleaners from wall mounted to ceiling mounted in both electrostatic and media filtration selections.

Take a look around to find Clean Air Solutions for a wide range of Industrial and Commercial dirty air problems. When you are finished, please feel free to request additional information as it applies to your application by visiting our Contact Us page. Here, your personal information on specific air filtration solutions is just a click away

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