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Versatility is offered with this uniquely engineered downdraft solution. The DW convertible can be used as a downdraft table or with the use of the manual external lever you instantly convert operation from normal downdraft mode to a powerful high-efficiency dust collector mode. Single or multiple rear inlets connect duct work to hoods, external supported source capture arms or directly to another machine to evacuate dust, fumes or smoke. The DW Convertible has work surface widths up to 52 inches without losing slot velocity. Side skirts increase the effectiveness of dust capture and minimize dust being thrown over the units sides.
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Other models available provide a sit down solution to production volumes of dust. Some applications require the operator to do continuous deburring, grinding, sanding or other finishing procedures which require rigid dust collection parameters while maintaining a safe work environment . This downdraft table allows for leg under design and still maintains a low profile and small footprint. These workstations can be combined to form a series of tables for oversized work pieces. Increased work surface up to 52 inches in width makes this downdraft table the toughest on the market with the highest slot velocity and lowest power consumption available. A total workstation that increases production and protects the workers breathing zone
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The model DW 530 provides operator controlled air flow at the work piece where it is needed most. Today's high speed hand tools create high velocity chips and dust. To capture high velocity particulate into a downdraft bench collector, you need high velocity air flow. The model DW 530 delivers a massive 4200 CFM with work surface velocities exceeding 2400 FPM and powered with only a 5 horsepower motor. This bench offers 300 square feet of permanent, high efficiency fabric filters inside the bench to filter out dust. The cleaned air is re-circulated within the work environment, saving the cost of heated or conditioned air. Overall collection efficiency of the filters is 99.9% at 5 microns. Work surface is 60 inches by 45 inches and can be equipped with steel, aluminum or wood work grid.
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Providing a permanent filter with manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic filter cleaning capabilities is yet another feature of our downdraft benches. This model can double as two stations while maintaining high slot velocities. The work surface is a full 72 inches and can be increased to a 102 inches to satisfy large work pieces. The addition of skirts in a variety of patterns allows this station to accommodate several operators at once. Air, dust and fumes are drawn thru the grid and into the peripheral slots between the inner structure and outer skin. A 180 degree turn throws coarse dust directly into the dust pan in the bottom of the unit. The fine dust is collected on the outside surfaces of the permanent filters where it remains until the operator releases the dust into the dust pan by a manually operated foot pedal.
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Downdraft work centers that can accommodate up to 8 operators. Multiple tables can be grouped together for larger work surfaces and connected to a remote dust collector. Off- sets and set-backs are often used to accommodate work pieces larger than the table surface. A clean work area translates into a safe work environment throughout your plant. Our downdraft tables allow you to protect the infamous "breathing zone" of the operator, as well as preventing dust from migrating to product surfaces, shipping containers and other work areas.
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