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Fabric Dust Collector Dust Collection Choices

Dust created from grinding, cutting, polishing, dumping or other mechanical means or material processing, all require different parameters to apply the correct dust collector. Each specific dust has different characteristics (amount, size, weight and shape) and require still a different set of design parameters when selecting the proper dust collection system. Our design engineers will help you select the right system for your application.


Cartridge Collector

Environmental Clean Air Company offers a wide selection of dust collectors. Cartridge collectors. baghouses, mini-pleat cabinet collectors, cyclones, downdraft tables, and back draft tables are a  sampling of the many types of dust collection systems we can provide you.


HEPA Workstation Dust Collection Workstations

Totally self-contained HEPA workstations with 99.97% efficiency to .3 microns start at 600 CFM air flow with a compliment of models thru 10,500 CFM. The smallest of workstations only needs 2 square feet of floor space to accommodate complete system.

Filtered work-stations not only protect the worker, they also protect the entire work environment.

Multiple workstation applications often require remote dust collection installation. Larger dust collectors are generally installed outdoors with return air to the work environment


Cyclone Efficient Pre-Separation

Cyclone dust collectors provide good to excellent efficiencies of coarse dusts and are often used for pre- separation for final filtration of finer dusts.  Our cyclone units offer excellent pre-separation of coarse dusts and provide high performance at low horsepower requirements.  Final filter arrangements can satisfy the most stringent respirable contaminant control safeguards with efficiencies to 99.997%.

Dust Booths, downdraft tables, bag dump stations and back draft work stations all provide source capture solutions to protect the workers breathing zone of potential hazards.  These solutions are effectively applied to metal working, wood working, rubber and plastic, pharmaceuticals and food industries.

Put Environmental Clean Air Company's experience and expertise to work for you in designing a state of the art filtration system to meet your unique application requirements.

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