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Mister Filter™ Oil Mist Collectors
Environmental Clean Air Company's Oil Mist collectors, Mister Filter™, are designed to attach to machine tool enclosures to eliminate airborne mist from your production facility. Mister Filter™ range in size from 300 CFM to 10,000 CFM and are provided in horizontal and vertical configurations. We offer both electrostatic and media Mister Filters™ to match your specific machine tool configuration. Unit featured at left is a 10 Horsepower, 7000 CFM Mister Filter™ utilized in multiple machine tool source capture applications where a system approach is more economical than individual unit applications.


Mister Filter™ Offers Low Maintenance
Mister Filter™ mist collectors are selected and applied according to the type of coolant or mist to be captured. Physical properties of a petroleum based coolant will differ from a water based coolant and will be adsorbed by the filtration media at different rates. The filters are self draining and require very little maintenance. Filter replacement is related to the amount of by-product carried with the mist stream that does not drain from the filter. The Mister Filter™ featured at right has the motor out of the air stream and is provided with a spark proof blower. The main filter is a 96% efficient filter on mist and can be shipped with a HEPA after filter. The pre-filter is washable and provides mechanical separation of mist by impingement.


Packaged Source Capture Solutions
Individual applications of a small mist collector installed directly to the machine tool is the preferred choice of many production facilities. Ease of installation, limited duct and the freedom to move a production machine when product flow dictates without having to recalculate your central systems' duct design all contribute to the selection of single source capture Mister Filter™ . The Mister Filter™ featured at left is a vertical electrostatic oil mist collector and is used when large amounts of smoke are present with the mist. Impingement filtration is also applied to this unit as a pre-filter providing the absolute control of both mist and smoke generated by high speed cutting and milling operations.


Mister Filter™ = State of the Art
Environmental Clean Air Company understands the unique challenges involved with removing contaminated mist from indoor air supplies and has utilized this knowledge in designing state-of-the-art oil mist and smoke collectors. Mister Filter™ source capture systems not only protect your company's most valued assets - -Employees- but they also contribute to equipment efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. Choose Mister Filter™ by Environmental Clean Air Company to solve your plant mist problems.


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