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Cartridge Collectors
Fume Grabber cartridge dust collectors are the preferred choice to solve welding smoke and fumes at the source or point of generation.
The Fume Grabber welding station at left is a complete workstation designed to eliminate any airborne contaminants from entering into the workers breathing zone. This Welding station is completely self contained and can be equipped with automatic filter cleaning or a manual operated push button to accomplish the filter cleaning.


Fume Grabbers are available in welding booth, dust booth or downdraft table configurations with CFM ranges to 30,000 CFM.

This work station is also ideal for grinding, sanding, polishing or buffing operations where workers health can be affected by the work process.


Portable Fume Grabbers
Portable Fume Grabbers are offered in six different filter configurations.

  • Self Cleaning Cartridge filters
  • Oil-e-phobic Cleanable Cartridge
  • Manual cleanable Cartridge
  • Electrostatic Filters
  • Manual or electric shaker Media filters
  • Disposable Filters

The portable Fume grabbers are equipped with 6, 7 or 8 inch diameter extraction arms which are fully articulated and have a reach from a stationary position of up to 14 feet. Horse power requirements vary from 3/4 HP to 5 HP, depending on the filter requirements and number of arms required on one Portable Fume Grabber.

Portable Fume Grabbers are generally 120 VAC to facilitate the portability and versatility of these units.

Fume Grabber Booths
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Fume Grabber Environmental Containment Booths provide a totally enclosed work station environment that is equipped with dust collector, lighting and sound abatement.

Respirable airborne contaminants are controlled by laminar air flow from front to rear of booth which is provided by the clean air side of the dust collector blower.

Environmental Containment Booth Fume Grabbers are suitable for indoor installation where space is available. Larger Fume grabbers are better suited for outdoor installation where space and noise limitations dictate.


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