environmental clean air Company

We are dedicated to providing clean air solutions for a wide variety of indoor air quality problems. Welding smoke, oil mist, grinding dust, fume, odor control and cigarette smoke are just a few of the respiratory airborne contaminants we address. Offering a wide selection of dust collectors, mist collectors, welding booths, work containment booths, cyclones, electrostatic filters, air cleaning and filtration equipment to meet the demands of today's industry, we have formulated a unique approach to providing clean air across a variety of sectors.

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Higher Air Quality Guaranteed

Mist Collectors - eliminate airborne oil mist from your production facility

Welding Smoke - a range of fume grabbers designed to stop welding smoke and fumes as they are generated.

Air Cleaners - SRS filtration systems created to provide a solution for cigarette smoke, unwanted odors, pollen and dust which can be bothersome to both your employees and customers.

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Improved Working Conditions

Environmental Clean Air Company is responsible for designing a variety of air filtration systems to eliminate airborne contaminants from your work environment.

Respiratory airborne contamination in the workplace can lead to poor employee performance, higher absenteeism and increased operating overhead. Additionally, having poor indoor air quality in any work environment also increases maintenance and health costs.