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Environmental Clean Air Company presents innovative norclean™ for a more flexible, high performance vacuum system design! norclean™offers a series of different models, whose vacuum power and accessories are designed to cope with all your industrial needs. norclean™ ejector cleaners are powered by compressed air and have no moving parts. Compact silencers assure a low noise level, and efficient filter systems guarantee optimum vacuum performance over long periods.

norclean™ electrical industrial vacuum systems are reliable and easy to maintain, with separate cooling air filter and thermo-switches to protect against overheating and motor damage in even the toughest and dirtiest environments.


Ejector Industrial Vacuums

norclean™ ejector cleaners have no moving parts, no motors and no pumps. They do not require electricity and provide enormous advantages for demanding operations in industry, shipping and off shore.

The special design of norclean™ ejectors ensures very efficient vacuum and air flow output for the specified compressed air supply. The performance characteristics are fifteen to twenty percent better than other ejector designs and give significant benefits to customers in terms of increased effectiveness and lower operating costs.

norclean™ has developed various efficient filter systems for use with these high performance ejectors. Most of the filters are cleaned automatically, either by a timer or by a manual control system. The filter qualities range from standard filters with normal porosity, to absolute filters with emission control efficiencies in excess of 99.997% for particles larger that 0.3 microns.

The advantages offered by norclean™ ejector vacuum cleaners are greater suction power, lower energy consumption, more efficient filter and pre-separation systems, rugged construction and innovative design.

Industrial Vacuums
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norclean™ electric vacuum cleaners are designed to operate in difficult industrial conditions. All units are built with high quality electric motors and multistage turbine units. All motors have independent air cooling for increased service life.

norclean™ electric vacuum cleaners can be used for collecting dust and granulated material, as well as water and non-flammable liquids.

Models can be equipped with special motors and electric parts for use in environments where dust explosion hazards exist.

norclean™ small and medium sized electric vacuum units are used to solve difficult cleaning tasks in most types of industry. The robust design and construction of all units enables them to withstand rough treatment in industrial environments.

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Providing a permanent filter with manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic filter cleaning capabilities is yet another feature of our downdraft benches. This model can double as two stations while maintaining high slot velocities. The work surface is a full 72 inches and can be increased to a 102 inches to satisfy large work pieces. The addition of skirts in a variety of patterns allows this station to accommodate several operators at once. Air, dust and fumes are drawn thru the grid and into the peripheral slots between the inner structure and outer skin. A 180 degree turn throws coarse dust directly into the dust pan in the bottom of the unit. The fine dust is collected on the outside surfaces of the permanent filters where it remains until the operator releases the dust into the dust pan by a manually operated foot pedal.

Environmental Clean Air Company also provides all spare parts, available accessories, various suction equipment available, an array of filters to meet any particulate control and pre-separation and cyclone attachments to fit the entire norclean™line of vacuums.

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